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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Curve of Development Experience

I start realizing recently that there are lots of debates about software best practice, design patterns, different frameworks or libraries. What happens usually is that inexperienced software developers are usually obsessed (I was) with learning design patterns and the best frameworks out there.

After a few years constantly trying to apply every possible design pattern or framework to any problem, I start realizing that I spent more time fighting with those frameworks than I benefited from them. Not to mention that using design patterns and so-called best practices could severely increase the complexity of a given code base if not used in the right context.

At some point, you start asking yourself not only about the benefits but also about the negatives that a given framework, a design pattern or a best practice solution could bring. At this point, you are more inclined to go with the simplest possible solution – build whatever you need by yourself.

Of course, sometimes you see more values in some frameworks or using design patterns and you start playing very balancing game. So this is what I call "the curve of development experience".

|| Igor, Sunday, February 22, 2009


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